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June 2022

how to become mentally healthy

How To Become Mentally Healthy

Hey Friends, every one of you wants a disease-free and physically fit life, but only a few focus on your mental health. In this competitive world, having good mental health has become a challenging task. So, in the blog, we will discuss the signs of mentally unhealthy and healthy people and then discuss how to become mentally healthy. First, let’s talk about the signs of a mentally unhealthy person. Signs Of A Mentally Unhealthy Person Easily Gets Irritated I have been in that situation when I used to get irritated even with minor issues. Later… Read More »How To Become Mentally Healthy

The Most Powerful Weapon: Words

The Most Powerful Weapon: Words

Words can inspire, heal, destroy, uplift, and manipulate. If not used carefully and cautiously, words can demolish anything and everything. Hence it’s pretty reasonable that words are the most powerful weapon ever. And with this great power comes greater responsibility. we should always think well before speaking. You never know what part of your speech will trigger someone and can lead to severe consequences. The way of talking should be such that you try to extract the best from the person. This blog will discuss the most potent weapon, i.e., words, and how one can… Read More »The Most Powerful Weapon: Words