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Normalize keeping yourself before others

Normalize Keeping Yourself Before Others

How many times has it happened to you that you missed out on any opportunity to be nice to others? Offering help to others is a good thing but a foolish act when you are struggling at the same time and want help. You need to take care of yourself too. Keeping others before yourself all the time will erode your self-respect and esteem, and hence you’ll end up feeling very much unlively. This will lower your confidence and will make you feel like sabotaging yourself. This blog will tell you to normalize keeping yourself… Read More »Normalize Keeping Yourself Before Others

how to become mentally healthy

How To Become Mentally Healthy

Hey Friends, every one of you wants a disease-free and physically fit life, but only a few focus on your mental health. In this competitive world, having good mental health has become a challenging task. So, in the blog, we will discuss the signs of mentally unhealthy and healthy people and then discuss how to become mentally healthy. First, let’s talk about the signs of a mentally unhealthy person. Signs Of A Mentally Unhealthy Person Easily Gets Irritated I have been in that situation when I used to get irritated even with minor issues. Later… Read More »How To Become Mentally Healthy

The Most Powerful Weapon: Words

The Most Powerful Weapon: Words

Words can inspire, heal, destroy, uplift, and manipulate. If not used carefully and cautiously, words can demolish anything and everything. Hence it’s pretty reasonable that words are the most powerful weapon ever. And with this great power comes greater responsibility. we should always think well before speaking. You never know what part of your speech will trigger someone and can lead to severe consequences. The way of talking should be such that you try to extract the best from the person. This blog will discuss the most potent weapon, i.e., words, and how one can… Read More »The Most Powerful Weapon: Words

discipline is the key to success

Discipline Is The Key To Success

Getting things orderly is very necessary for life. To achieve targets, you have to give it the right amount of time. Proper and correct discipline will lead you to achieve your goal conveniently. Many successful people have given their success credit to the appropriate discipline they follow in their life. Hence, it can be said that proper discipline is the key to success. Discipline in life limits not only doing things timely but also doing that thing in a particular manner, whether exercising or waking up early. This blog will discuss what changes can bring… Read More »Discipline Is The Key To Success

10 Habits That Everyone Must Pursue In Their Lives

10 Habits That Everyone Must Pursue In Their Lives

Hey Friends, I read the book “Atomic Habits by James Clear” which helped me understand the power of habits. That book was based on a 4-step solution to make a new habit or break a bad habit. I won’t give any spoilers and recommend you read it at least once. Without any further delay, let’s start today’s blog on 10 habits that everyone must pursue in their lives, no matter their age or job. Habits are the building blocks for the goals we want to achieve in our lives. Habits are those automated tasks that… Read More »10 Habits That Everyone Must Pursue In Their Lives

Humanity Is Greater Than Everything

Humanity Is Greater Than Everything

Humanity means the quality of being human. A person is called human when they think of others’ benefit before self. Nowadays, humans are becoming so selfish that they are not even paying attention to the side effects it will leave on them. Slaughtering animals, cutting forests, and damaging nature, they are not even taking care of their race. So it is undeniable to say that there is no humanity left. We only see humans but no humanity. People are getting selfish and jealous day by day; no one feels happy about the success of others.… Read More »Humanity Is Greater Than Everything