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Best Ways To Increase Productivity In Your Life

Best Ways To Increase Productivity In Your Life

Hey friends, We all have good knowledge about our work and domain, but we need to upgrade our knowledge to work effectively and efficiently. We have to keep updated with what’s going around to improve our productivity. Productivity can be defined as the capacity to give our best in whatever work we are doing. In this blog, I will share the reasons we lack productivity and how to improve productivity. Let’s discuss these all in detail and the ways one can increase productivity in their life.

Things That kill Your Productivity

Things That kill Your Productivity
Things That kill Your Productivity

Following are some habits that will kill your productivity.

1. Laziness

Your lazy behavior is holding on to the creativity you have in your mind. Being lazy will kill the desire to do something new or productive. Laziness will make you procrastinate, and once you start procrastinating your work, it’ll be hard for you to get back to it. You will find your comfort in doing nothing. You will then start to find excuses to avoid and skip your work. Being lazy is a slow poison that will turn out to be disastrous in your future, and hence it will be your doom.

2. Wasting Time On the Smartphone

This is the most common habit which is growing in our society. Not only youngsters but the elder ones are also becoming smartphone addicts. Social media is something in which smartphone is most used for. Wasting time on social media, scrolling down, and liking useless and fake kinds of stuff will only contaminate your mind with nonsensical thoughts and stop you from doing something productive, which might help you instead of using a smartphone.

3. Wasting Time with Friends Doing Useless Stuff

It is good to have fun but does that fun hindering your growth. That time can be utilized in doing something creative. Try to play games that enhance your mind power as well as fun to play. Sharing and talking will enhance your brain’s capability to think. The more you interact, the more your brain will grow.

4. Lack of focus

Does it happens to you that you are trying to do something but not able to finish it on time or just left it in between. This is because of poor focus. Without a proper focus, there will be no end to your hustles.

5. Low Self-Esteem And Self-Worth

If you have low self-esteem, you will find it hard to believe in yourself. You will question your ability on every step. You won’t be confident enough in doing or starting something new.

6. Lack of interest

Sometimes, you start doing something, but after a while, you lose interest in it. This also causes a lack of new thoughts, and due to this, you try to find reasons to skip that job.

Best Ways To Increase Productivity

Best Ways To Increase Productivity
Best Ways To Increase Productivity

After discussing things that affect your productivity, let’s discuss points that will help you to increase your creativity. Productivity can be in any field; we are going to discuss it while studying and at work.

Increasing Productivity While Studying

  1. Regular revision: try this when you are bored of your monotonous studying schedule. Many a time, our brain cannot learn anything new because of the same schedule we follow every day. Try taking a break from learning new and take a look at what you have learned. Try redeeming it so that you won’t forget that to learn something new.
  2. Time management: We all know that time is inevitable. All we can do is to utilize it as best as we can. Giving proper time to every aspect will help you to keep a hold on every task you do. This will help you to overcome boredom as you will have another task to do. Managing your time will help you avoid wasting it.
  3. Curiosity: “A person without curiosity may as well as dead” – Judy Blume. Keep maintaining your curiosity. Being curious is an escape from this world. Try to know new things, keep yourself updated on what’s going around. While trying something new every day, you don’t know where you would find your passion. The eager person to know about things has a creative mindset and mind full of constructive ideas.

Increasing Productivity While At Work

The following points can help you in keeping up productivity while at work.

1.Try to learn anything new every week or month. It probably might happen that you won’t get enough time for your hobbies or any of your creativity, but if you try to take out at least half an hour from your busy schedule, it would indeed create an impact, not immediately but in the long term. Follow this practice in learning something new every week or month. Be it learning any new language or learning any new instrument. This way you can escape your monotonous life and can enjoy new things in life.

2. Start watching seminars of CEOs, startup founders, ted talks, and other well know impactful personalities. The motive of seeing those videos is to learn about leadership spirit and the qualities these people possess. Get to know about what problem they have faced? How they handled failure, toxic people, challenging situations to achieve their goals. Watching them will inspire you to do something new, and you will get to know what’s essential for your career and what’s not.

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