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Best Ways To Start Exercising

Best Ways To Start Exercising

Hey Friends, everyone knows that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Working out will provide you a mindset that will help you tackle every difficulty in life. People who work out regularly have a better mindset and optimistically look through life. These people have a spirit of never giving up. Working out should be made a part of our life as it boosts brain cells and improves its efficiency to perform better at work. In this blog, I will tell you about the reasons why people don’t exercise. We will also be discussing some benefits of it and the best ways to start exercising.

What Is Stopping You From Doing Exercise?

how to not quit during a workout
What Is Stopping You From Doing Exercise?

It is a very serious question, and every person has a different answer for it. Let me give you a quick solution to some of the most common reasons for not doing exercise.

Reason No.1- Hectic Schedule

It is one of the most common reasons people have for not doing exercise. They can waste hours on social media- chatting with friends, and scrolling feeds, etc. But, they can’t take 30-60 minutes to do exercise. Even the top leaders of the world, including presidents, business people, entrepreneurs, etc. take time from their schedule to do exercise, then why can’t you start exercising.

Please make a list of things you do daily, cut off all the unnecessary things you are doing, and replace them with productive things like exercising or going to the gym.

Reason No.2- No Money For Gym

Many of you may use it as an excuse for not exercising. But, it’s not necessary that only going to the gym will make you fit. You can try doing exercises that require no equipment. Some people stay fit without going to the gym.

You can watch good trainers on the internet and learn about the beneficial exercises you can perform in your home.

Reason No.3- Laziness

You can only solve this factor. Stop procrastinating and start doing exercises. Seeking some motivation from others will help you a lot.

These are the most common reasons people don’t exercise, and I have given the most genuine solutions. If you are having any other reason for not doing exercise. Then, let me know in the comment section or try finding the solution and start your healthy journey at the earliest.

Benefits Of Doing Exercise

benefits of exercise for students
Benefits Of Doing Exercise

There are many benefits of doing exercise out of which I have mentioned some of them below:

  1. It Reduces Stress And Anxiety: Doing exercises helps in reducing any stress and anxiety. Exercise improves the blood circulation in our brain cells that reduces mental stress and makes us feel fresh and energetic.
  2. It Boosts Memory Power: Proper blood circulation in our brain cells boosts our memory and learning power. Hence, exercises play a very vital role in improving our memory power.
  3. It Reduces Harmful Fats: Doing exercises burns calories and helps remove harmful fat from the body.
  4. It Improves Focusing Power: Exercises remove all the waste from our body in the form of sweat and releases stress. Hence, it improves our focusing power. That is why most successful people do regular exercises and motivate others to do the same.
  5. It Combats Many Diseases: Exercises help in controlling our blood pressure, improve heart health, and reduces the risk of dangerous diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc.
  6. It Grooms Our Personality: Doing exercises makes our body look attractive and increases our self-confidence to face people. Hence, it grooms our overall personality.

Best Ways To Start Exercising

i want to start working out but i dont know where to start
Best Ways To Start Exercising

Suppose you have wanted to start doing exercises but don’t know how to start doing it. Don’t worry, now I will tell you about some of the best ways to start exercising.

  1. Find A Company: I started going to the gym with my more motivated friend. Hence, my efficiency kept increasing. Usually, during a workout, people feel bored if they do it alone. Finding someone with a good level of motivation can help you to start exercising. But, you must not start with someone who has zero motivation levels for keeping himself fit or if he demotivates you.
  2. Seek For Motivation From Others: There are plenty of gym motivation videos on YouTube; if you wish, you can watch them. You can also seek some motivation from your mentor or colleagues who exercise regularly.
  3. Do Exercise For Small Intervals In Beginning: Doing an intense workout from the beginning onwards is never recommended by any fitness trainer. We first have to make our bodies comfortable with exercises by starting with small exercises and then moving to intense ones. If you do intense exercises from day one onwards, there are high chances of injury or quitting it very early.
  4. Make Small Targets: Start with less duration and slowly increase your exercise duration and frequency. Try doing a 15 to 30 minutes workout in the beginning and then take it to a 1-hour workout.
  5. Find Your Reason To Exercise: Everyone has a different reason to do exercise. Some want to improve their personality, some enjoy going to the gym, some do it to stay fit. So, find your reason and give your best to achieve it.

I hope you have got some positivity from this blog and will start doing exercise from now onwards and make the best version of yours.
So, when are you going to start your healthy journey?

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