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Do’s And Don’ts Of Life

Do's and don'ts of life

Hey reader, your attitude is something that tells your mentality or mindset towards your work. The way you treat yourself speaks a lot about how you treat others. In this blog, we will discuss qualities you should and should not possess to live a respectful life. Following are some do’s and don’ts of life which a person should follow.

Do's And Don'ts Of Life
Do’s And Don’ts Of Life

Don’ts Of Life

Don'ts Of Life
Don’ts Of Life
  1. Greediness
    Having an excess desire for anything is not good. Greed will only destroy you. You would have heard the story of a farmer who killed his hen to get all the golden eggs. Eventually, he got nothing. The desire for greed took over his mind and made him killed the hen, which left him nowhere but in despair. A person should never be greedy about anything. In short, a person should always focus on their work irrespective of the price they will get for it. Always remember, “greed makes man blind & foolish and makes him easy prey for death” – Rumi.
  2. Jealously
    Jealously is the quality in a human being that can be suitable for development or proved destruction. It can be constructive for your personality if you take that thing as a target to achieve; otherwise, it will act as your doom if your intention is not even close to personality development. The thought of jealousy will never keep you happy; it will make you hate your life and question your existence, which will surely be hazardous for your mental health. Always remember, sometimes, due to jealously, we try to degrade others, and in doing so, we spoil ourselves.
  3. Selfishness
    This attitude can be a barrier in your path to gain the trust and loyalty of people. Once the person becomes selfish, he will only think of how it can be beneficial for him only without even thinking of what impact it would create on other people, society, and surroundings. Instead of selfishness, a person should have selflessness. A person should always think about others before himself. Being a little selfish is good. Feeling a little about yourself is good, but don’t let your selfishness ruin your social image.
  4. Procrastination
    This attitude is one of the biggest don’t of life. Never procrastinate your work. Every time you procrastinate, you skip one responsibility. Procrastinating one or two things is good, but making it a habit will leave you with the burden of completing too many jobs at one time. People usually procrastinate their work because of their laziness. Just try to stay consistent in your work; only you can avoid this bad habit of postponing your work. So never procratinate.
  5. Egoistic
    The last don’t of life is being a self-centered person. A person should never possess an ego, no matter how successful they are. They should always stay down to earth as the ego can be the reason for someone’s doom. It makes the person blind as the person only sees himself as the center of everything and therefore he doesn’t have anyone left in his life. A self-centered person will think of him as the only supreme power. Whatever you achieve in life, don’t be arrogant. The ego can destroy any relationship, no matter how strong it is.

Do’s Of Life

Do's of life
Do’s of life

We are now coming onto the positive part of the blog. Let’s discuss the five do’s of life.

  1. Merciful
    A person should always show mercy to every living being around them. According to many holy books, a merciful person is equal to god. Hence, showing mercy to the person can heal someone’s suffering. Therefore, one must treat others with kindness and forgiveness. Do good to those who hurt you; let karma take the command.
  2. Educated
    It is one of the most significant do’s of life. Every person on earth deserves to get an education. There are numerous benefits of education. It gives people the right way to think. An educated person can think in situations that are hard to handle. He can think wisely and can provide a piece of excellent advice to someone in need. In other words, an educated person is one who possesses ideas and thoughts that can change the world for the good and welfare of society.
  3. Respectful
    People should be respectful to everyone irrespective of age and gender. It would be best if you always treated your colleague with respect. Treating others with respect will also make you gain respect. If you are respectful, you show a sense of consideration and care for everyone. It also helps you to earn the trust of the person. People always admire those who are respectful. These types of people have the patience of listening to other’s opinions. They don’t lose their temper quickly. Respecting everyone can be your strength.
  4. Helpful
    The real meaning of helpful is to provide help to someone without any expectations in return. A person should be ready to help. Helping others will not only make you happy, but it will also make the other person happy. Stop avoiding people who need help. Just keep in mind that what would if you were at their place. So, do your job and don’t expect anything in return. Helping others will make a connection with people. Those people will remember you and will help you if the need arises in your tough times. Also, helping others will increase your self-worth.
  5. Supportive
    We should be supportive. We should also take a stand for our loved ones. Although, there are times when people hesitate to do things they want to do; they hesitate to ask for support and support them no matter how small or big their job is. Tell them that you are there for them, and no matter what gets wrong, you are there to support them. Society always appreciates supportive people. People should always take a stand for their family and friends during good and bad days.

I hope this blog would have made you understand the do’s and don’ts of life. So, I would recommend you to avoid the don’ts and possess the do’s in your life.

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