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Entrepreneurship opportunities in the midst of Pandemic

Entrepreneurship opportunities in the midst of Pandemic

“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you’ll miss them.”

William Arthur Ward

Our world got struck by the coronavirus last year, which turned out to be disastrous for the people to make their living. Many lost their jobs in Pandemic. Many fell into depression, but few of us took this as an opportunity to work for something that can make people’s lives easier. These people took advantage of their time and made a good fortune out of it. The bookish definition of entrepreneurship is the idea of setting up a business that is truly meant for the betterment of society. But is it only setting up a business? What makes your idea different from others is the creativity you used in it. Many real-life examples are there who used their creativity and turned out to be a big shot in making money. You have to find a problem and provide a solution that is unique and easy to go with.

Turning Failure Into Opportunity

Turning Failure Into Opportunity
Turning Failure Into Opportunity
Example 1

There are many real-life examples of people who found their way to make their earnings amid a pandemic. One of them is Khaby, 2nd most followed tik tok account. This guy made $2 million by just filming himself doing stuff that needs no hard work. The story behind his success is quite motivating. During the Pandemic, Khaby lost his job and was left unemployed. Instead of sitting and waiting for a miracle to happen, he took advantage of social media. He started making videos on a social media platform, TikTok. He made a duet video in which he explained how to do work. Slowly he became famous all over the world. He transformed the sad phase of life into a life-changing opportunity, from being an unemployed person to having a net worth of $2 million.

Example 2

Another real-life example is an aunt from my neighbor who started her app and is now making a good amount of money. The idea of starting her venture came to her mind when she was jobless as she was operating a parlor that was locked for four months because of lockdown. Apart from running a parlor, she was also a fitness freak. During a lockdown when all the gyms were closed, she found it challenging to maintain her physique. Instead of regretting it, she thought of using household items to convert them into weights. In a matter of days, many people around our neighbor also joined her.

Gradually the time passed, and her crowd reached a few hundred people who were willing to get fit along with her. She took this as an opportunity to start a venture where she helped people who want to get fit by staying at home. She put forward the plan in front of her friends. Later on, they came with a fitness app that will help people maintain their diet and physique. She is now making a handsome amount of money through it. She grabbed the opportunity and used it for the welfare of people.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities In The Midst Of Pandemic

Entrepreneurship opportunities in the midst of Pandemic
Entrepreneurship opportunities in the midst of Pandemic

The basic rule to be an entrepreneur is to look for a problem and provide a unique solution. This Pandemic has raised so many issues which can be turned into a life-changing opportunity. A few of the opportunities on which one can work are listed below:-

1. Tourism

The travel and tourism industry is the largest service industry in India. It also contributes largely to the economic growth of our country. In 2019, this industry generated an all-time high of $31 Billion, and suddenly, in 2020, the graph dipped so tragically because of COVID 19, leaving several employees without work. Many of these employees lost their jobs because there were no tourists to deal with. Seeing this as a significant issue, one can explore it and can work on it.

2. Small Scale Business

Small businesses like parlors, street food vendors, daily wear shops, and many more small-scale enterprises have experienced difficulty in making their living as many of these shops were closed during the lockdown period. There are numerous opportunities for one to make these businesses come back on track. Like the example of an aunt discussed above, one should keep searching for the opportunity and never settle.

3. Labourer Employment

This category of people has suffered the most in this tragic time. They work to get two meals instead of owning any other thing. During the Pandemic, they were left without any work. Many of these workers struggled to feed themselves and their children. After seeing such bad things happening to them, one could plan something to help these poor workers. Be it providing them instead of paying them or giving them work by contacting the people who urgently want their construction done. This can be turned into an entrepreneurship opportunity.


Entrepreneurship is a mindset to make this world a better place to live. Once Jack Ma, co-founder of Alibaba, said that opportunities are present everywhere, but we lack an excellent vision to see them. There are many problems present around us, but we ignore them. Only the one who has the mindset of an entrepreneur finds the solution for it and works for it. There were already big businesses present in this world like Amazon and eBay; still, Jack Ma came with an idea of Alibaba, one of the biggest e-commerce company as of now. Many other examples developed the mindset of an entrepreneur and achieved something great in their life. We should also observe things around us and find a solution for them.

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