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Factors That Lead To Success

Factors That Leads To Success

Every person has a different meaning of success for them. For some, it’s earning a massive amount of money; for some, it’s owning a big farmhouse near a lake; and for some, it’s to make enough money to feed their family. Every person has different aspects for success. The bookish definition of success is “ the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” But, one thing that truly defines success is whether you are happy in your life or not. If you have earned everything you wanted but are still not satisfied with your life, then trust me, you are not a truly successful person.

A famous saying says, “ I’d rather cry in a Ferrari than on a bus“. But, if you are in a luxurious car and still unhappy, you haven’t achieved real success; real success is creating wealth and making yourself happy. In this blog, I have discussed the factors that lead to success.

Factors That Lead To Success

Factors That Lead To Success
Factors That Lead To Success
  1. Hard Work
    The first factor of success is hard work. Many of you may argue that we must focus on smart work and not hard work. But, the fact is that smart work is also a kind of hard work which is efficient. Now coming back to the point, hard work is one of the most crucial factors required to have a successful life. No matter in which field you are working, you must give your best to achieve excellence.
  2. Persistence
    The second factor of success is persistence. It is defined as continuing on your path despite difficulties, rejections and opposition. You should never give up by listening to the opinions of the people who don’t want you to be successful. You should be stubborn so that you won’t get affected by someone’s opinion, and you should continue to march on your success path. It would be best to never change your target by listening to haters who don’t want you to succeed and win in life. Just keep hustling and working hard. Be persistent in what you do.
  3. Late Nights/Early Mornings
    The third factor of success is late nights/early mornings. You could choose any of them, either become a morning guy or a night owl and work for your dreams. Everyone has the same limited time, and the only difference makes people successful is managing their sleep. If you can’t reduce your sleeping hours, you have to either sacrifice your goals or wait very long to achieve them.
  4. Rejections
    The fourth factor of success is rejections. If you want to succeed, then you must be comfortable with rejections. The wealthiest person in china ” Jack Ma” failed in 30 jobs, but he never gave up. He started Alibaba, and now he is the richest person in China. After multiple rejections, you may feel depressed, and people will see you as a failure. But, you must overcome all these barriers, work on yourself and give your best.
  5. Sacrifices
    The fifth factor of success is sacrifices. The path of success is very lonely because not every person have the guts to go for their dreams. There is also a saying supporting my statement, which states, ” The path of success is lonely that’s why Lamborghini have 2 seats and a bus has 50.” You have to sacrifice many things, including your favorite people and things.
  6. Discipline
    The sixth factor of success is discipline. Discipline is very crucial to achieve great heights in life. A disciplined person can easily reach his targets. You must complete your targets in the given time and not procrastinate on any of your work.
  7. Criticism
    The seventh factor of success is criticism. There are many hurdles in the path of success, and the most challenging hurdle is negative people. No matter how much you achieve or lose, they would always criticize you. You have to deal with these critics and use them as fuel. There is a saying, ” Critics are your best teacher“, and hence you must deal with it and give your best to prove all the critics wrong.
  8. Doubts
    The eighth factor of success is doubts. Negative people will doubt you every time. So please don’t listen to them and focus on your work. But, after multiple rejections and failures, you may question yourself. When you start doubting yourself, you will get a feeling of quitting, but you must never do it. Doubts may arise, but you must try again and again to succeed. Doubting on yourself and then quitting will not give you anything. So don’t waste your time on that and instead, work harder and remove your doubts.
  9. Failure
    The ninth factor of success is failure. You would have heard about stories of many successful people who had failed multiple times in life, but they never gave up and finally got succeeded. You must know how to deal with failure; there would be numerous failures in life. But, you should overcome them and stay positive. You must try to find your faults and try to improve yourself.
  10. Risks
    The tenth and last factor of success that we are going to discuss is risks. There are risks in every field you are working in. You would have heard the Hindi slang ” नाम बनते है रिस्क से“. If you are young and want to follow the path of success, you must take high risks. In the early stage of life, a person must try everything and show full enthusiasm in his work. But, if you are in your adulthood and have a family to feed, you must also take risks, but that should be less volatile.

These are the ten factors that lead to success. You must understand these factors and never feel disappointed in any phase of your success journey. There will be times when you will feel low, but you must never quit in those situations. Although, you can take a break and refresh your brain cells to think in a new way. Then, you could start with new hope and write your success story.

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