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How I Scored 84% In My Boards

How I Scored 84% In My Boards

Hey Readers! You have come to visit this blog which means you are going to give your boards next year. If you are a college student or a school junior, I would suggest you read it once. It’s going to help you in some of the other ways. So let’s start now; my first question with you guys is, “Have you started preparing for your boards?”, If the answer is YES!, Cool then. But, If the answer is a Big NO!, Then also, it’s not a Big Deal. As in this blog, I would tell you How I Scored 84% In My Boards.

How I Scored 84% In My Boards
How I Scored 84% In My Boards

Remember, it’s never too late. But, if you keep postponing your work, you have to sacrifice your dreams then. Firstly, Let’s remove the myth from our mind that toppers study day and night to score high; the fact is, toppers study in a bit different way than most of us used to do. When I was in 12th, I never used to study or opened my books after coming from school. The questions must be about how you scored 84% if you have not learned much.

The Biggest Secret Of Effective Studying

how to study effectively at home
The Biggest Secret Of Effective Studying

So, now I will tell you my biggest secret, which every successful student uses in his school or college life to score more marks by studying less. We have five subjects in Intermediate, and some students have six (one is optional). So, my tip is to start with that subject in which you have a good command. If you have good knowledge of more than one or two subjects, then you start with them combinedly. If you have reasonable control over only a single subject, then start with it to make your concepts strong in that subject.

Now, the question may arise, “Bro! What if I don’t have command in any of my subjects?”.It doesn’t matter much if you have a good command of some of the subjects. It just adds a good point, and you need not focus more on those subjects and give your time to tough subjects. But, if you are not good at any subject then brother, you need to start soon.

It would be best to remind yourself of some things when you sit at your study table; tell yourself that you will sit here for the next half an hour no matter what. Start with the most accessible concepts and then go to the challenging level. If you are doing Mathematics or numerical subjects, start with practice just after understanding the concepts. Try to solve as many questions as you can. Don’t stop; you have already wasted most of your time. If you cannot understand the concept, try to get it somehow, do your trick to understand them or check some video tutorial on the internet but don’t stop.

Is Studying Boring Or It’s Just A Myth

misconceptions about studying history
Is Studying Boring Or It’s Just A Myth

At first, it will be boring, but you will enjoy it when you start making it a habit. You would be thinking, “Was this the trick you were going to tell?” Like if we didn’t know this earlier! So, my dear, this was the primary task that every student does. After studying, you need to sharpen your axe. You may wonder what does this sharpen your axe means? Let me tell you a small story, and then I will tell you about that secret.

Once upon a time, two woodcutters named Ravi and Rohit cut trees and earned their living. They were living everyday life, and then they had a conversation over who can cut more trees, so they made a challenge that whosoever will cut fewer trees in the whole day will have to admit that he is the poor woodcutter.

The game started, and they both started cutting trees and were giving their best; after an hour, Ravi noticed that Rohit had stopped cutting the trees, he thought that maybe he was tired, and hence I am going to win this game. Still, then suddenly the cutting sound started to come again, and then it stopped the next hour; this process then goes for the whole day.

After the game was over, Ravi was confident that he was going to win that game. But, Rohit was the one who had cut more trees. Ravi was confused and thought Rohit had done something different, so he went to him and asked how he had cut down more trees despite taking some breaks in between. Rohit replied that after every hour he used to sharpen his axe, Ravi looked at his axe and noticed that his axe had become blunt. He learned a good lesson for life.

You might be wondering how come I sharpen my axe or how this story relates with your story. So, my friend, what the rank holders do, they sharpen their axe from time to time. Now, you would ask, “How will I sharpen my axe?”

For this, you can use the below-mentioned tips:

You must revise the concept that you studied yesterday before you begin learning new ideas. It will help you to remember those concepts on a deeper level.
You can understand the concepts better if you teach your friends. Even if you don’t have friends to teach, you can even teach it to yourself (This was the pro tip that I used to follow, Even in my college life, you can also use it. This trick help you to understand the subject better).

Some thoughts that might come to your mind while studying:

  • Why am I doing this? I still have enough time for this. No brother, you think you have enough time, but you will regret not studying earlier when the exams are on your heads.
  • Is it necessary to study this much? I can get a good college even with fewer marks. For this, I will tell you about my life after I got 84% on my boards.
  • Why I am putting so much pressure on myself? I need to be calm. But, the fact is you are not putting any pressure on yourself and just making you grow stronger.

I hope you understand what I mean to say. Before starting, think of yourself, your family on how proud they will feel when they get to know that their child has scored just high marks.

How Your Good Score In Boards Going To Help In College

how to score good marks in board exam
How Your Good Score In Boards Going To Help In College

You get self-confidence in yourself and can focus well on your studies in college.
If you have a good percentile in your high school (10th) and Intermediate (12th), you are eligible in most of the companies for placements. You will be glad to know that no matter which degree you are pursuing, you will be taught some of the concepts of your school level and if you have done your schooling with good grades and has got good marks, it will surely help you understand the new ideas.

Ask yourself, ” How much time I have wasted on procrastinating things?” So, Stop Giving Excuses and start your studies.
As a senior/mentor, my best tip for you is to start focusing on your study and forget about everything you have already wasted so much of your precious time; otherwise, in the end, you will only have regrets and nothing else.
Thank you, everyone, for reading this blog. I hope everyone liked this—all the best for your life ahead.

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