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How I Wasted My Parent’s Hard Earned Money

How I Wasted My Parent's Hard Earned Money

Hey guys, If you are wondering like it’s your story. You also wasted your parent’s hard-earned money on useless things; then you must now understand that it’s the biggest sin you are doing in your life, and you must stop it immediately after reading this blog. Yeah, It sounds funny as a person writing on how I wasted my parent’s hard-earned money is telling you not to do it. The reason is apparent; I don’t want you to do that same shit to your parents.

i feel bad spending my parents money
How I Wasted My Parent’s Hard Earned Money

So, Let me start with my initial days of wasting my parent’s money. When I was in my childhood, I demanded all the expensive toys my rich friends had. I never knew that we can play with cheap toys and still be happy. As I grew up, my demands got more expensive, affecting my parents and me badly. When we are in our childhood, we commit many mistakes, and when we grow up, we feel guilty about them. So, we tell our kids not to do it like our parents used to tell us. Then, our kids grow up, realize their mistakes, and they tell their kids not to commit them, and this thing continues till eternity.

Coming back to our main topic, how I wasted my parent’s hard-earned money. I told you that I used to demand every damn thing my friends used to have in my childhood. When I was a kid, my father came home late from work- tired and hungry. But, instead of hugging him or serving him water, I used to give him the list of toys that I needed the day after to show off to my fellow mates. When I realize it, I felt so guilty. I could write a book on how much money I have wasted on unnecessary stuff to show off in front of my friends, but now I feel remorse for my actions. This blog would not only be about how you can save your money, but I would also be sharing some fields in which you can enter and earn passive income.

How To Stop Wasting Money

how to stop spending money on unnecessary things
How To Stop Wasting Money
  1. Think Twice Before Purchasing: We must try to minimize our liabilities and think twice before buying any product that may have no use in the future.
  2. Buy Alternatives: Try to find alternatives to expensive products. It can save up to 25% of your monthly expenses.
  3. Negotiate Wherever Possible: It may give you a feeling of shame, but it can help you save enough from all your expenses. We must try to negotiate of our products wherever possible. Although, you should not negotiate with the daily wage earners but from the big shops that wouldn’t be affected.
  4. Don’t Buy To Show-off: We must buy the things we genuinely need. Avoid going after brands to show off in front of your friends or relatives.
  5. Set A Limit On Your Spending: If you are earning, you must spend only 50% of your earnings. The rest of the amount must be saved and invested in you and your future. If you are a student and don’t get much pocket money, you should also try to minimize your expenses and invest the rest in assets.
  6. Track Your Spending: Make an excel sheet to list out all the items you needed for this month. Then, try to remove all the unnecessary stuff to minimize your spending.

These are some ways by which you can stop wasting money. You must make yourself understand that money is the most valuable thing in the modern world, and we must spend it wisely. I know some of you might need some time to understand it. But, this thing will only bring regret to you in the future. When you grow up and start earning, you would realize how much money you have wasted on unnecessary things that are of no use now.

Make Money Instead Of Wasting It

how to stop wasting money as a student
Make Money Instead Of Wasting It

I have told you about some of the ways to stop wasting your money. But, it’s equally important to make money as to save money. There is an infinite scope of making money in the modern era irrespective of your age or place you belong. Now, I’ll be sharing some ways to make money.


It would be unfair if I don’t tell you that I am making money through you all. You guys are reading my blog, and I am getting paid for helping you all. Even you can also earn money via blogging; you need a smartphone/laptop and a good internet connection. You can write about any topic you are interested in, and people will reach out to you, and you would be earning from it. Although it would take some time to reach the right audience, I would suggest you have patience.


I have many friends who have learned some skills ( like Digital Marketing, Web Development, etc.) through online platforms and are now earning a good amount of money. I suggest you learn some skills via free or paid courses. Then, you could reach out to good companies for projects, and make a reasonable sum of money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing means promoting or selling someone else’s product. The more the product you sell, the more you would earn. Many teenagers have opted for it as a side business to make some extra pocket money.

Selling/Renting Your Things Out

Suppose you have something of no use to you and could be helpful to someone else—for Example, An Extra Room, Car, Mobile Phone, etc. Then you could either sell those things or could also start a renting business.


Investing is something that needs patience and risk-taking ability. Saving your money and putting it at home or your bank account would never make you rich. But, investing it in good assets would make you rich. Investing is not only about the stock market. It contains many other assets like gold, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Even buying an informative book or course is also a type of investment. It’s investing in yourself. If I give you a short definition of investing, then it would be, ” Giving a sum of money to buy an asset that could give you a huge amount of returns in future.” An asset can be anything that can either return you money or knowledge in the future.

These are some of the ways to earn money. You may face problems in trying any of these; you could also be facing failure in some of your attempts. I would recommend that you to never give up and think about making your future tremendous by working hard in the present.
I wish this blog would help you stop spending your money on unnecessary stuff. Try the given ways to earn money and invest it.

Stay Safe and Be Energetic.

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