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How Procrastinating Things May Help You In Some Way

How Procrastinating Things May Help You In Some Way

Hey Readers, When I first thought about writing this blog, I was not getting enough ideas of what all I could write in this blog, then I thought of writing it some other day, which means I was about to procrastinate my work, which I did. Oh, I read it wrong; you mean what?. So, you procrastinated your work? , well actually not! It just gave me some time to think of some great ideas to write my blog. When I delayed my work, I had two options: either sit back and do some other stuff or think of some great ideas to furnish my blog. I chose the second the answer to the question “How Procrastinating Things May Help You In Some Way” for me is, Yes , procrastination helped me as it gave me time to think.

Every human has procrastinated their work in some part of their lives. But, the difference in everyone is, some give up and do nothing, and the others plan on how to execute their work. It doesn’t matter whether you start things early or a bit later, but how you plan to execute the work is the most important key factor. But, there is still a question in our mind that why people procrastinate their work.

How Procrastinating Things May Help You In Some Way
How Procrastinating Things May Help You In Some Way

People procrastinate things due to different reasons, which are:

  1. Non-urgency of work- There are many times when we have enough time to finish our work, so we wait for the deadline to come near and then we will start and hence we develop the habit of delaying the work.
  2. Lack of Interest- It is also a common reason for delaying our work. When a new task is given to us, we try to resist the changes and procrastinate even if the work is urgently needed.
  3. Having other non-important tasks to complete- people often make a mistake in choosing which is important and needed to be executed first and not. It may be because of the lack of concentration on a single task.
  4. Not knowing the importance of their work- Often, we try to extend our time to finish our work because we don’t know the values and importance of our work. Sometimes, the work may not be as important as it seems to be, but it may help you in the long run.

Are You Developing The Habit Of Procrastination

Procrastination is the thief of time.
Procrastination is the thief of time.

Whenever we regularly do a task, it comes in our habit; the same goes with procrastinating our work; it may be like OK in some cases, but it may ruin you in one way or the other. Procrastination is the same as a small guy says that I will be happy when I become a big guy. Let’s understand this point with an example.

    A small guy used to study in a school when he saw his seniors going to college; he used to say that he will be happy when he will go to college. Soon, he grew up and went to college, and when he saw an employee working in the company, he thought that when he would earn money, he would be happy. He then wanted to get married to be happy and then to have children to be happy. His life went off, and soon he realised that his life would end and he has just wasted his life waiting to be happy. This is called ” Analysis By Paralysis”.

If you keep postponing your work, then you would soon become like that guy. So, be happy with your work and with whatever resources you are having.

How To Overcome Procrastination

Overcome procrastination
Overcome procrastination

There is only one thing required to get rid of something: “DESIRE”. whatever changes you want in your life, you need a strong desire. But, for that, you need to ask yourself, ” Should I need to make some changes in my regular lifestyle?” if the answer is coming in YES, then congratulations, you have finished the first level of overcoming procrastination. But, if you doubt whether to make any changes in your regular lifestyle of postponing things, you must change your answer to yes. I know stepping out of our comfort zone is tough initially, but still, I would suggest you give it a chance. It’s going to help you in one way or the other. Just try it once.

How Procrastination Can Be Beneficial

Procrastination can be beneficial for you.
Procrastination can be beneficial for you.

I have seen people how they try to remove one habit and get addicted to the other in my life. So, I would suggest a technique which I call ” Tit For Tat”. If you can’t stop the habit of procrastination, you should try to procrastinate those things which are less important for you or which can be done later. You may have a question in your mind ” Should I compromise on my other stuff to do my work which is more important for me?”. See! sacrificing is needed to be done if you want to achieve your dreams. So, you need to change your mindset and start with your work..

Ask yourself, ” How much time I have wasted by procrastinating my work, and what I achieved by procrastinating the work?”

Thank you, everyone, for reading this blog. I hope everyone liked this—all the best for your life ahead.

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