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How To Develop A Solution-Oriented Mindset

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Hey friends, Every one of us has to face many problems in our daily life. People who have a problem-oriented mindset get stressed over minor problems. People who have a solution-oriented mindset maintain their calm even in tough situations and utilize their time to solve their problems instead of overthinking about them. In this blog, we will be discussing the differences between a problem-oriented mindset & a solution-oriented mindset, the importance of having a solution-oriented mindset, and how you can develop a solution-oriented mindset.

“If you’re stuck on a problem, don’t sit there and think about it; just start working on it. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, the simple act of working on it will eventually cause the right ideas to show up in your head.”

Mark Manson

The quote mentioned above by Mark Manson tells us not to sit idle and worry about our problems; instead, we must try to figure out how we could solve them effectively.

Problem-Oriented Mindset V/S Solution-Oriented Mindset

First, let’s differentiate between a problem-oriented mindset and a solution-oriented mindset.

problem focused vs solution focused
Problem-Oriented Mindset V/S Solution-Oriented Mindset

People With Problem-Oriented Mindset

  • Overthinks About The Problem: They overthink the problem and don’t do anything to solve it. These people spend most of their time worrying about their problems, and hence they are unable to solve them efficiently.
  • Blame Others: They blame others for their problems, and sometimes, they even blame their destiny for their problem. Remember, even if your problems are caused due to external causes, still it’s your responsibility to find a solution for them.
  • Panic Over Small Things: They panic and take stress over small issues. These kinds of people lose your calm whenever any problem occurs in their life. They must understand that problems are part of our life and stress over them would give us nothing.
  • Find Small Pleasures: They try to find a temporary solution for their problems and find instant happiness. These people either avoid handling their problem or find a solution that can postpone their problem, but they fail to find an ultimate solution for their problem.
  • Pessimistic: They have a negative mindset and do nothing to solve their problems. These people give all kinds of excuses instead of solving their problems, and hence, poor problems always surround them.

People With Solution-Oriented Mindset

  • Seek A Solution: They try to identify the cause of their problem and find its solution. These people focus on finding an effective solution for their problems instead of sitting and overthinking about them.
  • Take Responsibility: Even if the fault is not theirs, they take responsibility for their problem. These people knew that blaming others wouldn’t solve their problems. Hence, they take up the responsibility and work on finding the solution for their problem.
  • Stay Calm Even In Tough Situations: They stay calm in every situation, even if the problem is tough. These people keep their minds calm, relax their body and don’t panic whenever a tough phase comes in their life.
  • Find Ultimate Happiness: They try their best to find a permanent solution for their problems instead of short-term happiness. These people knew that if they didn’t find a proper solution for their problem, it would eventually occur again in some later phase of their lives. So, they try their best to find a permanent solution for their problem that can give them ultimate happiness.
  • Optimistic: They follow an optimistic approach to solving their problem. These people never feel negative as they know that everyone has some problems and needs to deal with them. Hence, they face their problems with courage and don’t feel disappointed.

Importance Of Having A Solution-Oriented Mindset

Now, let’s discuss the importance of having a solution-oriented mindset.

importance of being solution-oriented
Importance Of Having A Solution-Oriented Mindset
  1. It Helps To Build A Strong Network: Everyone wants to stay connected with people who follow an optimistic approach to finding a solution for their problems instead of crying over in the corner and blaming others. Having a solution-oriented mindset will positively impact your colleagues, and hence it will help you build a strong network.
  2. It Helps In Improving Leadership Skills: Leaders are society’s role models; everybody loves to become a leader once in their life. Hence, having a solution-oriented mindset will help you become a good leader as leaders always seek the solution instead of overthinking the problem.
  3. It Improves Your Thinking Ability: If you focus on finding a solution for your problem rather than overthinking it, you will get a good thinking ability.
  4. It Provides Ultimate Happiness: Many people waste their lives finding small pleasures, and hence they are never able to achieve the ultimate happiness in their lives. You have to accept that your problems are inevitable and you can’t do anything about them. When you start finding solutions for your problems instead of ignoring them, you will attain the ultimate happiness.

How To Develop A Solution-Oriented Mindset

Now, let’s discuss how you can develop a solution-oriented mindset.

How To Develop A Solution-Oriented Mindset
How To Develop A Solution-Oriented Mindset
  1. Identify The Root Cause: Identifying the root cause of a problem is the first step in solving it. Every problem has a root cause, and we need to identify it and find possible solutions. Many people cannot find the root cause of a problem, so they cannot solve it completely.
  2. Develop An Optimistic Attitude: Every problem is solvable if you have an optimistic approach towards solving it. Sitting idle and doing nothing to solve your problem will lead you to disappointment, and people will see you as a failure. Hence, having a good attitude and facing situations with an optimistic mindset is important to solve them.
  3. Prepare A Plan: It is an essential step you must take before taking action. Make a proper plan for handling any situation and try to figure out its pros and cons. It’s better to have multiple plans for worst-case scenarios but focus on the main plan.
  4. Immediately Take Action: Do not sit idle and overthink about the plan. Although it’s good to figure out all the consciousness of the plan, spending more than the needed time overthinking the plan will eventually lead you to nowhere. Immediately take action and work according to the plan to overcome your problem. Do not feel disappointed if the first plan fails; go for the second plan and then for the third one. You will sooner or later solve your problem.

I hope this blog will have helped you in developing a solution-oriented mindset. Remember, problems will never end. So, train your mind to think about better solutions for your problems. Never feel bad for your problems; learn to take responsibility for your problems and find the solutions for them.

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