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How To Handle Criticism And Failure

How To Handle Criticism And Failure

Hello Guys, Everyone in this world knows that ” No one is perfect”; we all fail in some part of our life. Some manage to bounce back, but others sit back and watch themselves ruining their life. In this blog I will tell you how to handle criticism and failure. Some people deny getting up due to their fear of failure, and others deny due to criticism made by others if they fail again.

How To Handle Criticism And Failure

How to cope with criticism
How To Handle Failure And Criticism

There are two kinds of people in this world: The one who criticizes others and faces criticism.

 If you are the one who has a habit of criticizing others, then you must stop it; your criticism may harm them. Even if you’re attacking them for their good, you must tell them in a very polite and humble manner to understand you and check on their faults instead of feeling depressed or demotivated.

But, If you are one of those who gets criticized, then instead of taking all those failure and criticism in a pessimistic way, try to learn from them and understand that these things are just a temporary part of life and don’t let them become a barrier in the path of your success.

How To Deal With Failure And Criticism

how do you handle criticism
How To Deal With Failure And Criticism

There are many ways to deal with different kinds of failures and criticism.

  • Develop Self-Confidence: The most important thing one can do to handle their failures is to develop self-confidence and a belief in themselves. Believe in yourself, no matter what others are thinking of you. Give your best and if you fail, learn from it, move on and practice harder to do better the next time.
  • Do Not Worry What Others Would Say: Most people don’t worry about whether they are going to fail or pass, but they worry about what others would say. If you are one of them, you must immediately stop worrying about what others will say. They don’t know about yourself better than you. So, don’t think of it and ignore what they are saying.
  • Face Reality: Be calm, live in the present, believe in yourself. No matter what is happening, face the situation and prepare for your future.
  • Analyze On How You Failed: Figure out your weak points and start working on them. You can take suggestions from someone expert in that field who could help you out.
  • Share Your Thoughts With Trust-worthy People: Asking for consultancy or sharing your feelings with someone would help you feel better. Do not feel shy to share your failure with your friends or family.
  • Don’t Make Excuses: Do not try to find faults in others or the situation. Instead, work on yourself and do not try to criticize someone for your failure.

I would suggest you follow these points if you ever get criticism or fail in any part of your life. It would surely help you to overcome them. Remember one thing: failures are just a temporary part of everyone’s life, and we should learn to overcome them.

Now the question is, ” Are you the one who criticizes others or yourself?”. If yes, then I must stop it immediately after reading this post. You don’t even know what problems you are giving to yourself or others, you may be thinking that whatever you are doing is for the betterment of others or yourself. You may be right in your way, but your way of doing it may hurt and discourage others.

I would now tell you how you could stop your habit of criticizing yourself or others.

How To Stop The Habit Of Criticizing

how to stop criticizing yourself
How To Stop The Habit Of Criticizing
  • Show politeness instead of rudely making others understand the situation. You may be wanting to help others overcome their failure. But, your way of making them understand the situation may harm them. So, you must understand his situation and show some humbleness while trying them know their status.
  • Give advice or share your experience instead of criticizing them for their faults. Imagine someone you cared about was in the same situation. What would you have done? Would you blame them? No! then don’t criticize others also and give them some advice if you could.
  • There may be chances that you are criticizing yourself. In that case, ask yourself what you want in life. Be true to yourself and ask yourself for the perfect plan instead of blaming yourself now and then.
  • Look at the positive side of it instead of being anxious about it. Try to find its positive side. It would help you to stop criticizing yourself or others.
  • Have self-esteem and faith in yourself and believe in yourself. Tell yourself that you would give your best in every situation no matter what is going to happen.
  • Understand the entire situation to conclude; if you don’t understand it, you will always be in the trap of criticizing yourself and getting criticized.

Stop your habit of criticism. Do not ever criticize others. Understand their situation well and give them support and help them out. If you are blaming yourself for your failures, then also you must stop it immediately. You are the only one who can understand yourself completely. So, give yourself some time to make things better again and provide yourself with comfort instead of putting pressure on yourself.

how to stop self criticizing
Stop Criticizing Yourself

I hope this post would help you in facing and overcoming your failures and criticism. Just understand, there will come and go many ups and downs in your life. But, your attitude towards them would decide whether you are going to overcome them or not.

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