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How To Improve Communication Skills

How To Improve Communication Skills

Hello Friends, Communication skills comprise how clearly or confidently we speak, but it consists of many other factors. First, let’s discuss ” Why do we need to improve our communication skills?”. This question may arise in your mind. But let me clarify that even if you have good speaking skills or even if you think you have good communication skills, you need to know that there is always a scope of improvisation.

Let me remove the myth that if you are weak in English or any language, you may not improve your communication skills. Still, it would be best if you kept in mind that English does play an important role in developing our communication skills. However, there are still other factors that need to be focus on if you need to improve your communication skills.

Factors That Boosts Communication Skills

Factors That Boosts Communication Skills
Factors That Boosts Communication Skills
  • Clear Listening: No matter how well you speak or well you present yourself, you are not listening to the second person clearly and not understanding what he is trying to say. Then, my friend, it’s going to put a wrong impression of you. Hence, try to listen very carefully to what the person is saying and then give your reply. As it is said, ” To Be A Good Speaker, You Need To Be A Good Listener”. If you have not understood or listened to what he said, then you may ask him/her to repeat it in a very polite manner.
  • Polite Behavior: Politeness is very important when you have a conversation with someone, no matter who you are talking to, whether he/she is younger or older. It would help if you were polite and humble to that person. It gives a good impression of you.
  • Straight-Forwardness: Do we need to be straightforward? Do we need to speak what is right according to our perspective?. To all these types of questions, I would suggest that in many cases, the person does not want to know about your perspective, no matter how genuine they may be. Hence, it would help if you were a bit diplomatic in some of the situations, i.e. you say your thoughts molded so that it may not harm that person.
  • Clear Speaking: It’s a very common mistake made by many of us. We try to rush and speak everything that we know in a single go. Instead, stay calm and take a break between your sentences. Always try to keep your breath and speak things.
  • Posture: “Would you like to have a chat with a person who always leans over here and there while talking to you?”, Obviously Not. No one wants to talk with someone who does not maintain a good posture while communicating. There are different posture depends upon where and how we are having a chat. Hence, it would help if you had a good posture according to who and where you are speaking.
  • Confidence: hah! It’s a very genuine one, and we all know that anyone can do nothing without confidence. But, on what things do we need to be confident about, our speaking skills, our posture, our articulation etc. You need to be confident about every damn thing because if you lose confidence over one factor, it will affect the other factors. So, try to be confident when speaking with someone even though he/she is better than you.

There may be other factors also. But, These are the main factors on which everyone must focus to improve their communication skills.

You might be asking yourself, ” How many factors I am good at and on how many I have to focus on?”. Well, It’s OK if you are not good at any of these. You have to keep in mind that everyone starts as a beginner, and it’s never too late to start things off.

You may be wondering, ” From where do I start building up my communication skills?”. Hence must follow these simple points to follow to improve your communication skills.

Firstly, you need to keep in mind that I had already mentioned that you need not be an expert in English, although it plays an important role. So, Don’t feel demotivated if you cannot speak fluent English as things take time. You need to keep yourself calm and never feel decedent about yourself.

How To Improve Your Communication Skills

How To Improve Your Communication Skills
How To Improve Your Communication Skills
  1. Make a habit of reading at least one article for half an hour daily. It may be tough for the newbies. But, it helps you in gaining some new information, it improve your speaking skills, it helps in building grammar, and it also helps in improving your fluency.
  2. Try to maintain a good posture; you may get some tips to correct your body postures on google for this. It helps to gain a charming personality.
  3. Find a partner to which you can speak to show your communication skills. You can even speak to yourself or in front of a mirror to showcase your communication skills.
  4. Always remember to be polite to everyone with whom you are talking. Even though you are correct and want to express your views, stay calm and humbly tell your opinion.
  5. You can listen to podcasts to improve your listening skills. It not only helps you to improve your listening skills but also help you to gain some really helpful information. You can listen to podcasts of your interests or the things which you may like to hear.

You may be wondering, ” Are they the only way to improve our communication skills?”. Umm, not, There are many methods which you can follow, but these are something which I regularly follow to improve my skills. Remember, things take time to happen. Have patience and have trust in yourself, and remember always to continue your practice even if you good at your skills.

I already told you about the story of ” Sharpening The Axe” in my blog: How I Scored 84% In My Boards.

I hope you had liked this blog. Suppose you had something in your mind. Feel free to share it in the comments.

Thank you, Have a Great Future Ahead ๐Ÿ™‚


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