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How To Live An Adventurous Life

How To Live An Adventurous Life

Hey Folks, How you are doing now? I hope you all would be safe and staying at your home. I know that in this pandemic, it’s necessary to avoid going outside. But, It’s tough for many of us, especially for those who had a habit of going on an adventure trip very often. Don’t worry; in this blog, I would solve your problem. You would know how to live an adventurous life without actually spending much. So, let’s get started.

how to have an adventurous life
How To Live An Adventurous Life

See, we all have a schedule in our life, and that schedule helps us stay in our comfort zone. But, when that schedule is followed for a long time, it makes our life so dull. But, can we make a slight difference in our lifestyle to make it adventurous? Definitely, yes, we can make plenty of changes to make our life full of adventure. The word ” Adventure means adding the venture( undertaking a daring journey) to our life.”
Every new thing can be started by following some crucial steps, and we have to give proper time and devotion to each step; if you skip even one step, then there are high chances of you quitting it and get back to your everyday life.

Steps Which Are Essential For Doing Adventure

steps to adventure
Steps Which Are Essential For Doing Adventure
  • Discover Your Meaning Of Adventure: Going to a new place can be an adventure for someone, and sitting alone on the rooftop and staring at the star can be an adventure for others. Maybe earning money is a regular schedule for someone, making passive income an adventure for others. So there are a vast number of new things which you can try according to your desires.
  • Choose Some Specific Adventure Goals: There are plenty of things to do in our leisure time. But, which one suits you and your interest must be tried first, and then the other stuff could be given a chance. For example, if you feel better at reading a book in your free time, you must select some good books to build your mindset and help you grow better.
  • Take Action Immediately: Delaying in your activities will lead to nowhere, and you would end up doing nothing. So it’s better to start by doing little than delaying. Try to make interest by giving less time and energy so that you can provide more potential to your job.
  • Follow 21/90 Rule: This rule must be a simple commitment of you to your goals. It takes 21 days to build up a habit and 90 days to build up a lifestyle.
  • Avoid Procrastination: It will lead you to nowhere, hence try not to delay your work and stick to whatever new habit you are developing. Click Here to read my blog on procrastination.

These were some of the steps which you may take to live an adventurous life.

Benefits Of Doing Adventure

why is adventure good for you
Benefits Of Doing Adventure

There are many benefits for you to do an adventure, as I have already said about the different adventure goals. So, the benefits would also differ for the kind of adventure you are performing.

  1. It Would Reduce Your Work Stress: Going out on an adventure trip or sitting on a rooftop staring at stars could help you reduce your stress.
  2. It Improves Efficiency: When we take a break from our work and do something unique. Then, there are high chances of improvement in our work when we return to a regular schedule.
  3. Creates Unforgettable Memories: Going on a solo trip or with friends/family would load with tons of unforgettable memories.
  4. It Improves Relationship: Recently, Researchers have found that going on a trip with your loved ones increases their love for each other. Due to the work schedule, people don’t get time to spend with their loved ones. Hence, going out would help them to know each other better.
  5. It makes our brain and body work better: Many scientists say that going out from your hectic schedule not only help you feel relaxed but also helps your brain and body cells work better.
  6. It Helps You Learn New Culture: Going out to different places could make you learn about other people’s culture.

Although there are many more benefits of doing adventure, they are the most basic and essential benefits.

Going out on an adventure is great, reading a book is great, staring at stars is also great. We must make our own adventure goals and must do our best to get benefits from them. Writing a blog is my adventure, so I try to give myself extra time to write whatever stuff is coming to my mind. We must consider that whatever adventure we are doing is giving us some benefit or not. It may be possible that something that you call an adventure is slowly ruining your life. For example, some of you may think that going out and having a smoke is my kind of adventure, but smoking is damaging your lungs. I am not telling you to stop smoking, but I am trying to tell you that this adventure is not gaining you anything. So, try to find some other type of adventure for yourself.

I hope this blog would have helped you to understand the meaning of adventure. So, try to take out time from your schedule and live an adventurous life. If you have anything to share or ask, you can leave your comments.

For other posts, stay tuned.


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