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How To Stay Focused And Motivated

How To Stay Focused And Motivated
How To Stay Focused And Motivated
How To Stay Focused And Motivated

Do you fail to complete your task by the deadline, or are you in the category where you wanted to finish something but fail to do so because of poor focus or a fickle mind? Focus is something that one needs to build to get success in life. Without a proper focus, there will be no end to your hustles. Every task in the world requires careful attention to be completed, no matter how big or small a task. Many people can’t focus on their job and hence lose it or give it up; that’s because of poor focus. Most human beings are not able to focus and lose their path, getting distracted from their job. Staying focused and motivated will be beneficial in long term.

To achieve multiple targets, some people focus on every aspect to complete their tasks. These people keep on shifting their focus to complete various tasks and end up getting distracted. The shifting focus will not tell you which way to go and will create confusion. Focus on the thing that matters to you. Wasting your energy on something else won’t help you. Multiple focuses can be proved problematic as it will lead you to different paths. There is a saying in Hindi, which says: – “Ek saadhe sab sadhe, sab saadhe sab jaaye.” Meaning: – Always focus on one thing; if you do so, everything will go alright, and if you focus on everything, nothing will be achieved.

“Always remember, your focus determines your reality.”

George Lucas

“You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want.”


Let’s briefly discuss some tips which will develop an excellent focusing power in you but before this, let’s discuss some biggest obstacles for a person who desires to focus on one thing.

Things That Affect Focusing Power

Things That Affect Focusing Power
Things That Affect Focusing Power

1. Lack of concentration power:-

It is the biggest problem a person faces to have a good focus. Usually, people cannot concentrate on the job they have started because of insufficient concentration power. A poor sleeping schedule can cause a lack of concentration power, not paying attention to your work, a fickle mind, and much more reasonable.

2. Lack of interest: –

If you are not interested in doing your work, your mind will try to find a reason or excuse for giving it up. Also, if somehow you manage to keep going, you will complete the job half-heartedly.

3. Poor determination: –

Determination is defined as the quality of having decided to do something, no matter how difficult or easy it is and whatever it takes to get completed. If there is no determination, there will be no motivation or energy which will help you to keep going and hence you will not be able to complete the given work.

4. Distractive surrounding:

If you are not able to focus, one possible reason for it to be is a distraction. Distractions can be anything in the form of delight, fun, disturbing surroundings; most of the time, it is the notification from your smartphones. Almost everyone faces this issue. Nowadays, even a single notification from your smartphone will make you keep your work aside. We, humans, find it very difficult to keep us away from smartphones in this modern world.

Now let’s look at the positive aspects of this write-up.

How To Develop Focusing Power

How To Develop Focusing Power
How To Develop Focusing Power

1. Try scheduling your life: –

Scheduling your life is not even going to develop your focusing power; it will also help you keep your mind at one place at a time. Let’s see how it will help you. Scheduling your work will help you to give sufficient time to everything you want to do. By doing so, there will be a clock which will remind you to finish one set of work in a fixed period. This practice will develop a sense of responsibility and seriousness to complete your job before the deadline.

2. Avoid distraction: –

As discussed earlier, distractions are the biggest obstacle for a person to achieve a target on time. Distraction can be in the form of anything, be it you fantasizing about anything or be it your smartphone notification. Try turning off your smartphone notification. By doing this, your phone will be a corpse, and you’ll be unable to get distracting information until you pick it up back.

If the above idea doesn’t work well, there is another way you can overcome your desire to pick up your phone. I call this way “Hide and don’t seek.” In this way, you have to hand over the phone to any of your colleagues, sibling, or parents and tell them to hide the phone. This way, you have no idea where your phone is. Utilize this distancing to complete your task without getting distracting from your smartphone.

3. Make and achieve a tiny target: –

Try to break your work into smaller tasks and then complete those smaller tasks one by one. In this way, you can avoid long sittings and can focus for a short period.

4. Try meditation: –

It is one of the best ways to develop a solid focusing power. Meditating will not only going to create a good focus, but it will also reduce negativities. It will also increase your patience level.

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