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How To Stop Living In An Imaginary World

How To Stop Living In An Imaginary World

Hey friends, we all are our heroes in our world. We imagine winning at every moment of our life, but when reality hits, we fail and then see ourselves as a failure. So instead of living in an imaginary world, we must live in reality and focus on improving ourselves.

Imagining our problems and analyzing them is good for us as it improves our imagination power. But, If we are overthinking every time instead of solving it, then it would ruin us. If we continuously overthink our problems day in and day out instead of solving our issues, we waste our precious time. It will slowly become addicted, and some people then stop living in reality and get lost in their imaginary world.

In this blog, you will know why people live in their imaginary world and the consciences of it. In the end, I will also tell you how you could stop it and live a better life in reality.

Why We Live In Imaginary World

fantasy world
Why We Live In Imaginary World
  1. Control Is In Our Hands: People live in their imaginary world because they can manipulate all the situations according to their wants; they can be champions in tackling all their life problems in one go. But, in the real world, we cannot control the outside situations or tackle all our problems without any hard work. Hence, some people start imagining their world and get lost there for hours without talking to anyone.
  2. Too Much Overthinking: Some people overthink too much about the work instead of doing it. They overthink all the pros and cons of something that they want to do and waste all their time in it instead of executing it. Thinking about all the aspects of a new task is good, but you must not get wholly involved in it that you don’t have time to execute it.
  3. Laziness: Laziness is one of the biggest reasons some people live in an imaginary world. They don’t want to do their work, and hence they overthink it instead of doing it.
  4. Too Many Failures: Whenever someone fails in every corner of his life, he starts living in his world. It is one of the most common reasons people live in their imaginary world and do not want to live in reality.

Side Effects Of Overthinking

what causes overthinking
Side Effects Of Overthinking
  1. It Affects Physical And Mental Health: It could lead you to severe mental stress and affect your physical health. If you live in your imaginary world every time and do not take any action in your real life, it would affect your health.
  2. It Reduces Your Work Efficiency: If you are always overthinking your life, your work efficiency will be affected. The time you could have given in improving yourself would be wasted in living in your world.
  3. It Affects Your Sleep: Usually, people overthink their problems while they are in bed. Hence it affects their sleep, and therefore they feel lethargic the following day.
  4. It Affects Our Social Life: People start living alone and enjoy their own company when overthinking becomes an addiction. They stop going out and talk to their friends or family. They begin wondering about what other people would talk about them. Hence, it affects their social life.

These were some of the side effects of overthinking; now, let’s come to the final part of the blog. in which I will explain to you how to stop living in an imaginary world

How To Stop Living In An Imaginary World

how to stop living in a dream world
How To Stop Living In An Imaginary World
  1. Divert Your Mind: It is the most basic and technique that you must follow. This step needs practice. It would be best if you reminded yourself to stop dreaming and live in the real world. Whenever you feel like you are having unwanted thoughts coming into your brain, remind yourself to stop dreaming and focus on something real.
  2. Don’t Sit Idle: Try to perform a hobby or do some other job, but don’t sit idle for a long time. Sitting inactive will bore your brain, and you will start overthinking about your problems. So it’s better to do anything instead of sitting idle.
  3. Think About The Solution: Whenever you imagine something, think about whether you will achieve that goal in your life or are you only creating your dream world and wasting your time. It would help you to stop overthinking and start executing your plans.

These are some of the ways to stop living in an imaginary world. I wish you all would try to implement them and not let your reel life affect your real life. Instead of wasting your energy in your dreamy world, try to utilize it for your development.

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