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Humanity Is Greater Than Everything

Humanity Is Greater Than Everything

Humanity means the quality of being human. A person is called human when they think of others’ benefit before self. Nowadays, humans are becoming so selfish that they are not even paying attention to the side effects it will leave on them. Slaughtering animals, cutting forests, and damaging nature, they are not even taking care of their race. So it is undeniable to say that there is no humanity left. We only see humans but no humanity. People are getting selfish and jealous day by day; no one feels happy about the success of others. It is ok that everyone wants to be successful, but people are betraying their loved ones to achieve that. Inhumanity has taken over their minds. This blog will focus on points that will help you sustain and restore humanity in yourself. It will also teach you that humanity is greater than everything.

Preaching Humanity

Inhumanity has taken over our world. People around us don’t care about each other anymore. Below points will help you to preach humanity in a right way.

1. Treat everyone in a proper way:

No matter how rich you become, treating people right will tell you how you are as a person. People will treat you in the same way as you treat them. Be kind and generous to every living being around you. Respect is a two-way thing; if you want others to respect you, you first try to respect others. Respect is not demanded; it is earned. Human desire never ends. Try to find peace and solace with what you have and feel grateful for it. Going inhuman to satisfy your craving is an injustice to humanity.

2. Stay Humble and modest:

Stay humble and modest
Stay humble and modest

Staying humble and modest will make you more lovable in society. People will be more expressive to you as they will be more comfortable with you. Try to be a good listener and have patience with the person you are listening to. Always be motivating and inspiring to society. Never hesitate to help others and always try to seek good blessings from them. If you can’t do good to anyone, don’t do wrong either. Only the inhuman keeps them before everything.

3. Never forget your roots:

No matter how successful you have become in your life, never forget your time when you were struggling. That struggle has built your character, and that character defines what you are today. Keep your ego in control. Never allow pride to take over your mind. Believe in simple living and high thinking. Showing off will corrupt your mind and also will end up making you selfish and inhuman. Seeing you behaving wrong will influence other people in a bad way. Try to impart good habits to the younger ones around you to have a strong foundation.

4. Be thankful for everything:

Be grateful and gracious to all the things around you, whether living or non-living. From a bit of plant around you to a wristwatch you are wearing. Not everyone has them, and those who have, don’t even care about it. Be grateful for that. Feel lucky to have that thing in your life. Feel joyous about it. Whether it’s good or bad, anything happening to you happens for a reason; try to learn from that. Instead of regretting it, take that incident or thing as a life lesson. Life is giving you lessons every time. Be thankful for the opportunities you get, be grateful for the chances you get in your life to prove yourself.

5. Respect people irrespective of who they are:

You have to give respect to get respect

Lauren Barnholdt

Pay respect to every person who sees around you, from a rich wealthy person to a poor street vendor. Be respectful to every person you meet. Never distinguish anyone based on their status in society. Your children or your younger ones are much more likely to be influenced by you, so try to control them positively by imparting quality habits to them. Teach them how to be generous rather than arrogant and selfish people. Make them believe that humanity and courtesy are everything.

Being a humanitarian will build your reputation and character. Reputation is something that the public tells what you are, whereas character describes who you exactly are. A good reputation will earn you respect from every person in society. It will also make you gain the trust and faith of many people. Everyone is attracted to a person who is loving and caring. Reputation is built by good deeds, and good habits create a character. Both of these things combine to form a respectful person.

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