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Is Your Overconfidence Ruining Your Life

Is Your Overconfidence Ruining Your Life

Hey Friends, Maintaining stability and consistency is much tougher than being successful. Mostly, it is seen that people are unable to handle their fame, and due to their over-confidence about their success, they go down abruptly. Whenever you fail and don’t find any reason for your failure, you must ask yourself, ” Is Your Overconfidence Ruining Your Life?” People generally become overconfident about something which seems to be very easy for them, and hence they fail in that or achieve less than what they would have succeeded.

Is Your Overconfidence Ruining Your Life

Is Your Overconfidence Ruining Your Life
Is Your Overconfidence Ruining Your Life

Under-confidence is harmful, but over-confidence is more dangerous as you may fail in those works in which you would have performed much better. Try to be cool and not shout out your strengths or skills to everyone. Even though you are better than everyone else, stay quiet and keep learning in every phase of your life.

Let’s understand what overconfidence is in a very simple way.

Confidence: I can do it.
Overconfidence: Only I can do it.

Confidence: I am going to get this job.
Overconfidence: Only I am going to get this job.

Overconfidence gets us to a phase in which we ignore or neglect efforts made by others and consider ourselves superior to everyone. We start to think that we are the smartest person in this room and everyone else is just below us.

Now let’s know about factors influencing or developing over-confidence in our mind.

Factors That Develop Overconfidence

what causes overconfidence
Factors That Develop Overconfidence
  1. Proficiency In Work: When we become an expert in our work or gain some good experience in our work, our level of confidence increases, and we become overconfident. We need to keep this thing in our mind that there may still be many new things to learn, and we must not reverse our learning phase.
  2. Under-Estimating Competitors: There have been many cases where someone who had less experience or is less powerful defeated the stronger one. It happens when one starts under-estimating his/her competitors.
  3. Excess Optimism: Being optimistic is good, but when we become over-optimistic about our results, it may lead to failure.
  4. Being Fatalistic: Some people believe more in destiny than themselves, which may lead them to suffer. Although, even I believe in fate. But, the best is to believe in hard work and destiny.

These were some of the factors which develop overconfidence in a person. Hence, you must try to remove these factors. Stay calm and don’t just lose it. Even you are doing good, focus on it and try to learn more and more things. If you are not able to get good results, then don’t underestimate yourself. Under-confidence is also bad for us, just as overconfidence.

Disadvantages Of Overconfidence

pitfalls of overconfidence
Disadvantages Of Overconfidence
  • Overconfidence acts as a barrier between you and your learning strength. When we become overconfident about something, we stop our learning phase and do our task with no enthusiasm.
  • It gives rise to unnecessary thinking, which may sometimes lead to failure.
  • We resist finding our faults. When we do something, even if we achieve it and become successful in it, there may still be many faults or things we have done wrong, and when we become overconfident, we fail to see our flaws.
  • There can be multiple solutions to a single problem. When we are overconfident in our work, we refuse to know about other opinions.
  • Overconfidence often leads to arrogance. When someone becomes overconfident in work, it becomes arrogant, which may bring some worse consequences.
  • It often leads to enhance our dominating nature. People used to dominate on those things in which they are overconfident.

Try not to be overconfident. Stay calm and be in your learning environment even when things are much easy. Stay humble and do things gently. There is nothing to show off to some people because many are better than us, and many are working hard to become better. So stay focused and upgrade yourself every day.

There may be a thing stuck in your mind that, ” How can we stay away from overconfidence?” or ” How can we just remove this thing from our mind so that we can focus on our work instead of thinking about all this stuff”? Let’s get to some points which I wish would help you to remove your overconfidence.

How To Get Rid Of Overconfidence

how to beat overconfidence
How To Get Rid Of Overconfidence
  • It would be best if you were real to yourself. Whether it is easy or not, whenever you face anything, be real and be honest to yourself. Don’t just get out of your limits.
  • Listen to what people are saying about you. It may be something faulty that you are missing in yourself, which people found for you. So, instead of ignoring everything, try to face reality so that you can grow out of it.
  • Look at your failures and learn from them. It’s tough for many of us to check our weak points. Sometimes, we try to ignore our weak points, maybe because we feel ashamed of them or think it can still work. We need to face our weak points and give our best to improve them.
  • Stop overthinking the results. Sometimes, when we think about our work, we get stuck to it rather than give our best at work.
  • Even if you are an expert in some field, you must try to learn new skills and upgrade them instead of getting overconfident.

Remember, ” Learning At Every Phase Of Our Life Is Important.” Try to upgrade & challenge yourself instead of just getting overconfidence in your work instead of developing other things.

Many of you would be thinking that you are getting good results even by having overconfidence in their work. So, do we need to remove this attitude and stay positive, or do we need to remain as they are?. The answer is yes. You need to get rid of your habits that might ruin your life in future. Overconfidence is also one of those habit. So, overcome it and let your mind develop good thoughts instead of overthinking about the problems.

I hope you have loved this post. For upcoming blogs, stay tuned.


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