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Know The Creators

Abhishek Gupta

Currently I am working in a MNC, I am simply a 9-5 job seeker who loves reading & writing inspiring blogs. My dream is to inspire all, as much as I can. I love reading books of any genre. My favorite books are ” The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck, ” Rich Dad Poor Dad” & ” The Diary Of A Young Girl”. Let me quickly introduce my early life, I was an average student in my school life. And when I reached college, I started to spend my time in learning new things ( Both Educational & Non-Educational). I also started writing blogs during my college days. I love watching movies, playing games, chilling out with friends and family. And, I want to live the best of my life and would recommend you to do the same. I strongly believe that, we have plenty of new things to do in this world, but have got only one life. So, We must try to learn every new thing whenever we get time.

Animesh Saraswat

Currently I am working in a MNC. I love watching Romcom movies and listening to music irrespective of any genre. From past few months I have developed a strange love towards reading books and articles. I have used “strange love” because never in my life I had read or finished reading newspaper or any stories on my own. But there was this book named “who will cry when you die” by Robin Sharma that changed my whole perception towards life. Gradually I understand that how a positive mindset governs our whole surrounding. After that book, I developed a habit of reading books which give life lessons. I want to inspire people to live a life full of joy and happiness by writing blogs.