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Lessons We Can Learn From Butterfly

lessons we can learn from butterfly

This world is full of miraculous things. even the smallest of all creatures can give us lifelong motivation and teaching. Just like that, a tiny creature like a butterfly can give us numerous life inspiration and motivation to do something extraordinary in life. In this blog, we will discuss lessons we can learn from butterfly which we have never seen by that perception.

Lessons We Can Learn From Butterfly

Lessons we can learn from butterfly
Lessons We Can Learn From Butterfly


Before becoming a beautiful butterfly, the caterpillar stays inside a cocoon. Inside the cocoon, it matures and turns into a beautiful butterfly. The lesson which we can grasp from here is that every step in life is important. We can’t skip to the good part of our life. We need to go through many ups and downs and that’s what life is all about. This is the phase of life that every living being goes through. Just like a caterpillar develops a cocoon in which it transforms into a butterfly, in the same way, we should also work hard in silence. There is no shortcut to success. After completing all the lifecycle the caterpillar finally comes out to be a beautiful butterfly, in the same way, we should never lose our focus on our work, the result will be marvelous. Work hard in silence and let your success make noise.


According to science, the reason why a caterpillar changes itself into a butterfly is that to continue its cycle of life to live with ease. So this process teaches us not to give up in life easily as a caterpillar transforms itself into a whole new creature just for survival. We should keep working hard until we reach our end goal. Instead of facing a hard time and accepting it as a fate, we should work hard to transform that bad time into a time which we will cherish for life. Life is all about ups and downs, it is our job to make it worthy. Before transforming itself into a cocoon, the only goal of the caterpillar is to eat and grow, gaining the nutrients they need to ultimately become a butterfly. So we should work hard to get a desirable result.


A butterfly cannot see its wings whole life and don’t even have the idea that how beautiful its wings are, without even thinking of its beauty, the butterfly keeps on flying around us and make our surrounding mesmerizing. The lesson we can draw from here is that the butterfly is unaware of its beautiful wings and doesn’t even realize it. One may become arrogant or start to feel proud of itself, the lesson we can take from here is that no matter how good-looking you are, never be an arrogant person, be kind and helpful to other living beings around you. keep ignoring your outer beauty and be beautiful from the inside.


Ever observed a butterfly when it is drinking nectars from the beautiful flowers? they usually fly all over the garden and find flowers and then sit on every flower irrespective of their scent and color and suck the nectar out of it. As butterfly drinks sweet nectar from the flower, in the same way we should adopt good habits from people irrespective of their background and their looks. We should always look for positivity in a person. No one is perfect, everyone has some negativities or flaws, but there is also some positive side in every human. We should always grasp good habits from others to transform our lives in a good way.


The last lesson which we can draw from the butterfly is that we don’t need to be gentle all the time. Butterfly wings are covered in scales, the scales can come off easily when you try to touch them. You have also noticed that whenever you hold a butterfly by its wings there is some sort of color that gets stuck to your fingers. That color is from butterfly scales, that colored pattern is used to protect butterfly from predators. Touching the butterfly’s wings could result in a shorter lifespan than expected. This world will throw up numerous opinions on our faces, you keep your focus and be persistent, also don’t let yourself for the comfort of level of others.

So, we should always try to be happy people and spread that vibe around to keep the negativity away. We should always cherish what we have. That way we can enjoy each phase of life.

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