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Role Of Diet In Keeping You Fit

Role Of Diet In Keeping You Fit

Nowadays, everyone wants a fit body. Few of them work for it, and few of them keep on thinking about it. Those who work out know the role of diet to keep themselves fit. Generally, diet and working out is in the of the ratio of 70:30, which means exercise only contributes 30th part in building body, the rest is depends on proper diet. One needs to be health-conscious after they start working out to get their desired physique. Let’s discuss this topic in detail and see how can one get the desired body by following the correct diet chart.

Misconceptions Regarding Diet

Role Of Diet In Keeping You Fit
Misconceptions Regarding Diet

Following are some general misconceptions regarding diet, which are very common nowadays.

  • There is a myth that one should eat everything to get bulky and for the ones who want to lose weight should leave every sort of food. To Skinny guy tries to eat everything, including unhealthy junk food. Proper diet is the solution to this problem. Sugar items which one take provide the body with fat. That fat goes into the belly, tummy and that condition is called skinny fat.
  • Chicken is not the only source of protein. Many other food items can fulfil protein requirements. These items are soya beans, peanut butter, dairy products and many other things. Many vegetarians rely on them to achieve their protein goals. So there are many vegan items that one can take to meet their daily protein requirement.
  • Limit your protein. Many other nutrients are essential in keeping you fit. Your body can consume a limited amount of protein. The rest of it goes to waste. This way, you are wasting your protein and welcoming many-body diseases that are very harmful to your health.
  • One whole egg has 7 grams of high-quality protein, 5 grams of fat and 1.6 grams of saturated fat. The misconception regarding egg is that the white part of the egg is rich in protein while the yellow part only contains fat and because of this, many of us threw it away in order to avoid consuming fat, but the reality is that the yellow part i.e. yolk have equal amount of protein as well as fat and all this makes an egg a cheap source of protein. If you are throwing away the yellow part for the fat, you are also throwing away protein. For those people who are into advance athletics and doesn’t need any fat can throw away the yolk to avoid fat. So keep in mind the next time you consume an egg.

Planning A Perfect Diet

Planning A Perfect Diet
Planning A Perfect Diet

After discussing the misconceptions people have regarding diets, let’s discuss some tips that can help you make the most out of your diet and maintain a healthy body.


Body mass index is a value derived from the mass and height of a person. The BMI of the body is mass divided by the square of body height and expressed in kg/m2. For most adults, an ideal BMI is in the 18 to 25 range. If your BMI is below 18, you are underweight, and if your BMI is above 25, you fall into the category of overweight. Your BMI can tell much about your diet. So try choosing a diet which will help to keep yourself in the range mentioned above.

Keeping a count on your calories

Different body needs a variable amount of calories to fulfil its energy requirement. Nowadays, many fitness apps provide a feature in which you can keep a count on your calorie. Keeping a count on your calorie can help you restrict or increase the suitable amount of calories your body needs. Many calorie calculators estimate the number of daily calories your body needs to maintain the desired weight you want to achieve. So keeping track of diet is essential when you want a body of your choice.

Focus on every nutrient

Many a time, people start to focus on their protein intake to gain muscle. They increase their protein consumption to achieve a muscular body. Instead of focusing on one nutrient, they should also focus on other nutrients like carbs, vitamins, iron and many other. While working out, carbs are also necessary. Also, our body is works such that it can consume a sufficient amount of protein that is needed by our body. The rest of the protein goes to waste in the form of excreta. Focus on every other nutrient to get a healthy physique.

Avoid taking excessive supplements

After doing a workout, our body/muscles runs out of energy. To overcome this and repair the muscle, many people take protein shakes or any other supplement that helps their body improve the muscle. This protein intake provides an adequate amount of protein your body needs to rebuild and repair the muscles. Many people take other supplements like pre-workout, excessive caffeine, and sometimes steroids to look muscular. These supplements are not suitable for your body in the long term. Avoid taking an excessive supplement in your diet. Also taking these supplement will invite many other diseases that will harm your body. Go for those supplements which body can digest easily and do not produce any adverse effects.

I hope that the above information may help you. So try to have a healthy body, because healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

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