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Should We Think Emotionally Or Logically

Should We Think Emotionally Or Logically

We all know that we have two ways of thinking ability, first is logical thinking, and second is emotional thinking. But, the question is, when we solve our life problems, should we think emotionally or logically? Some of you would say logically, and some may say emotionally. But, I guess it depends upon the situation and type of problem. We can’t make every decision based on logic or emotion. Different issues need to be solved differently. People who try to solve every situation based on logic feel lonely at the end of the day. Those who make their decisions based on emotions are never able to achieve anything significant in their life. So, it is clear that we must first think about the problem and then decide how to solve it.

Should We Think Emotionally Or Logically
Should We Think Emotionally Or Logically

Let me give you an example, suppose you are a strict teacher in a school, and you caught a student cheating in the exam, and you send him to the principal’s office. But, what if the student is from your family, maybe your son. Then you would try to save him by only scolding him in front of the class and not send him to the principal’s office. I don’t think any parent would want his child to get rusticated.

The above scenario is that the teacher emotionally decided when it was her child and logically when it was some other student. So, here comes the definition of both kinds of thinking. When we think about a solution wholly based on logic and no relationships are involved, it’s called logical thinking. When there comes a barrier of relationship while solving a problem, then it’s called emotional thinking.

How Logic And Emotion Works

logical vs emotional thinking
How Logic And Emotion Works

Before solving any problem, we must first understand how logic and emotion work and how we think differently about different issues. For this, we must make ourselves clear that most of the decisions we take in our life are based on emotions. From wearing new brand jeans to choosing our career, most of our choices are taken emotionally. All the critical decisions taken emotionally are never worth it in the future.

We have two sides of our brain; one takes decisions based on logic, analysis, and future outcomes. The other takes decisions based on relations and emotions and does not consider future consequences. We have at least two options to choose from while solving our problems. It entirely depends upon us to choose an option. If we go with the second choice, we may find it easy to deal with the present situation, but it would affect us in the future. But, if we go with the first option, maybe we have to give much time to solve our problem, but it would be worth it in the future.

I am not saying that you should take all your decisions entirely based on logic. Sometimes we can make decisions emotionally, for example, going out with friends and enjoying eating junk food, enjoying the rain, etc. These are times when we must leave all our pain and problem behind and enjoy our life.

I hope now you would have understood the meaning of both types of thinking and how they work. Now, I would tell you about how we should think in different situations.

How To Think While Taking A Decision

how to make the best decision for yourself
How To Think While Taking A Decision

There are many problems we need to solve in our life, and most of them are common. There is a saying in the book ” The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck” by Mark Manson that ” If you’ve got a problem, chances are millions of other people have had it in the past, have it now, and are going to have it in the future.” So, I would point out some most common problems that we all would have or will face in the future and tell you how to think in those situations.

  1. Choosing A Career: Most of us face problems while choosing a career. We have to look through many logical and emotional aspects before choosing the best career for ourselves. In this situation, we must think about whether the career will make us happy in the future, whether I would feed my family by it, or whether I would become financially free. These are some aspects that we must think about before choosing our career. Its decision is based on both logic and emotion.
  2. Helping Someone: There are situations when we try to do good, but unintentionally it happens for something terrible. Sometimes we help people with evil mindset who takes our help to do some mischievous activities. We must try to find the other person’s intention before helping him.
  3. Family And Relationship Problems: In many of our relationship problems, we make decisions emotionally. We try our best to avoid the problem instead of solving it, and that’s the reason for most of the family issues. We must try to sit together, make each other understand the problem, and solve it rather than avoid it and make it a big issue.
  4. Confused Over Small Issues: There are many small decisions that we take every day. Although many of them are not worth our time, we still waste our time on them. For example, what to eat tomorrow, choosing the clothes to wear, etc. We must think about these decisions before going to sleep and not waste our energy in the morning. We must take these small decisions logically; the food we eat gives us the energy to do our tasks. So, we must try to eat healthy food.

We must first understand the problem and decide how we should solve this problem. Then, we must make our decisions. Remember, every small decision we make somewhere helps us develop that kind of mindset. If we delay or neglect every problem, we would never solve them, and it would directly affect our work life. So, we must learn to think and analyze the issues.

I hope this blog would have helped you understand the two ways of thinking, how emotions take over logic in important life decisions and should we think emotionally or logically. So, we must think critically while solving our problems and not let emotions take over.

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