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The Untold Moral Of The Rabbit & The Turtle Story

The Untold Moral Of The Rabbit and The Turtle Story

Hey friends, We all loved to listen to stories in our childhood, even today, when someone tells us a story, we listen to them with curiosity and excitement that what next is going to happen in it. We love watching movies that have a perfect storyline. There are always some values from several characters in the story that we can apply in our lives. There are many hidden morals that we are not told about or we are unable to find them. In this blog, we will discuss the untold moral of the rabbit and the turtle story.

This famous story that we learned in our childhood gives us a lesson that “ slow and steady wins the race.” If you haven’t read that story then no worries, I have summarized it for you.

Story: ” The Rabbit & The Turtle”

the turtle and the rabbit reflection
Story: ” The Rabbit & The Turtle”

There lived a rabbit in the jungle who used to show off his speed. One day a turtle was passing by and the rabbit started making fun of him and challenged him for a race. The turtle accepted the challenge and the next day they had to compete. When the race started rabbit was running very fast and the turtle was very slow. After running halfway, the rabbit realized that the turtle is left far behind him. So, he is going to win the race very easily, hence he decided to sleep for a while. He went to sleep and the turtle kept on moving without pausing for a moment. When the rabbit wake up, he realized that the turtle was about to win the race. So, he started running faster, but as soon as he reached the finish point, the turtle won the race. The rabbit realized that his ego lead him to his failure.

The moral of this story is “ slow and steady wins the race

But, this moral is irrelevant in modern era, as the world is changing rapidly and new technologies emerge every decade. Hence, we need to be fast and constantly improve our pace. The main aim of writing this blog is to make you realize that although the story is telling us to continuously work for our goal, it fails to give us a crucial lesson of keep growing and increasing our pace towards our goal. To make my point clear, we can divide the world into three categories of people.

Three Categories Of People

The Untold Moral Of The Rabbit & The Turtle Story
Three Categories Of People
  1. The first one are those who are very fast and they constantly improve themselves. They are far ahead of the technology and hence they rule this business world. There are only 5% people of in the world who fall in this category.
  2. The second one are those who are ” Slow & Steady” which the story tells us to do, these people fall in the most underprivileged in society as they are slow and continuously work in the same way ( steady) for their survival, they don’t improvise themselves with time. Around 10% of people of the world fall in this category.
  3. The third one are those who keep growing and improving their lifestyle but not at a very rapid pace. Around 85% of people of the world fall in this category, if you are reading this blog then there are high chances that you may be belonging to this category. These people are the ones who live with us, not the ones from the first or second category.

We need to understand that both rabbits and turtles were far different from each other. We also know that being a turtle we cannot compete with rabbits, because the rabbit lost only because of his egoist behavior and not because the turtle was slow and steady. My only motive to write this blog is to make you understand that becoming a turtle is not possible for everyone, as only 5% of people in the world belong to the category of rabbit. So, if you can’t become the rabbit, then must try to not become the turtle at least.

I hope that now you would have understood the untold moral of the rabbit & the turtle story. There are several stories we listen to in our daily life. Hence, we need to find some morals from them and learn to implement those moral values in our life and make our life better.

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