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Ways To Live Your Best Day Everyday

Ways To Live Your Best Day Everyday

Hey friends, We all have our targets and goals set for a day to achieve. We wake up every day to achieve them. But, what should we do after we wake up or when we go to bed after finishing all our work? There are many ways to start or end our day, and some of them are very effective and boost our mind and body to maintain complete determination to achieve our targets. This blog will discuss some of the best ways to live your best day everyday.

Ways To Live Your Best Day Everyday
Ways To Live Your Best Day Everyday

Ways To Live Your Best Day Everyday

1.Drink Water: Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up because drinking water first thing in the morning helps your body rehydrate. The six to eight hours of recommended nightly sleep is a long period without any water consumption. So drinking water immediately you wake up is the best way to rehydrate your body. This habit is going to improve your metabolic power and will also strengthen it.

2.Take A Walk: Add this to your daily schedule. A 15 min walk can mean a lot to your body if you are not fond of going to the gym or exercising. Taking a short walk keeps your joints in action and can save you from many deadly heart and lung diseases. This will also maintain your weight and help you preventing from becoming obese.

3.Exercise: What else can go better when you exercise daily. A person who is concerned about their health and fitness are likely to live more. Try exercising or going to the gym because this way you are doing a lot for your body. Not only you are going to make yourself physically strong but also mentally.

4.Listen to Music: Good music can heal you emotionally. Try listening to music every time you feel exhausted. Music is going to elevate your mood. Every person has a different music taste, and that thing defines a lot about your personality. Listening to good music as soon as you wake up can make your day go at its best.

5.Read Books: Reading a book can enhance your knowledge as well as your vocabulary. Reading a chapter a day is more than sufficient in building this excellent habit. Every book carries a strong message which can help you build a positive mindset. Moreover, it increases your imaginative power. If you are not so much fond of reading a book, don’t worry; I got you covered : How I Started Reading Books

6.Avoid Smartphones: After following all of the abovementioned things, don’t ruin your day by getting yourself trapped in a smartphone. All these gadgets are there to make your life easy but at the same time these things are equally responsible for the wastage of your precious time. Try turning off your smartphone notification. By doing this, your phone will be a corpse, and you’ll be unable to get distracting information until you pick it up back. If the above idea doesn’t work well, there is another way you can overcome your desire to pick up your phone. I call this way “Hide and don’t seek.” In this way, you have to hand over the phone to any of your colleagues, sibling, or parents and tell them to hide the phone. This way, you have no idea where your phone is.

7.Carry A Diary: Make a habit of carrying a pocket-size diary and a pen with you. Write down your thoughts on that diary whenever something creative pops up in your mind. This way, you can pass your time by thinking or executing that work whenever you are free. Often, while conversating within a group or individually, the other person sometimes says something very inspirational or motivational; quote that thing in your diary. Keeping a journal can also help you remind many things you think you are going to forget.

8.Take Out Time For Your Hobbies: Take out at least one hour in your daily schedule for your hobbies; this way, you can also explore the creative part of yours. Hobbies help you to boost you up and can also help you to relax. These can be beneficial for your mental health as they can reduce stress from your work. Suppose you don’t have any hobbies, then try to make one. Try doing things you have never done in life, like painting or making something out of scratch. There are numerous things which you can do or try. Also, be passionate about your hobby; you never know when your passion can become your profession.

9.Introspect Before Going To Sleep: This is the most important thing of the day. Introspection means observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes. Recapping all the actions you performed throughout the day will give you a sense of maturity and responsibility to be a better person. Try introspecting every night before you go to sleep. Go through every decision you made that day, people you met and things you did.

10.Make a To-do List: After you are done with introspecting, make a list of all the tasks you have to do the next day. Prioritize all the jobs in the morning and work accordingly. This way, you will keep track of your time as well as your work.

Above are the ways which can make you a better person. Following them every day will keep you motivated as well as energetic.


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