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Work From Home – A Boon Or A Bane

pros and cons of working from home during covid

After the covid pandemic, work from home culture has increased rapidly. Some of the companies have started calling their employees back to the office and some of them have given them relief for some time. Some of the employees are loving this work-from-home culture and some want to return to their office life. In this blog, we will discuss some boons and banes of working from home. Then, you need to decide that work from home is a boon or a bane. First, let us discuss some boons of working from home.

Work From Home – Boon

work from home boon or bane points
Work From Home – Boon
  1. Close To Family: This pandemic has taught us how to live with our family happy. People who had jobs in different cities have now come to their homes and are now spending time with their loved ones. People have started to share their feelings with their family members which earlier they didn’t have time to share.
  2. Flexibility: Employees can now work from anywhere, whether they are traveling somewhere or are at someone’s place. This pandemic has given us the flexibility to do our job from anywhere in this world.
  3. It Saves Travelling Time: people used to spend most of their time traveling to their workplaces, especially in metropolitan cities where traffic is very much and hence, it wastes most of our time in traveling. Now, we don’t need to wait for the bus or cab to travel to our workplaces. So, we can now utilize that time for other tasks.
  4. It Reduces Extravagant Expenses: As, we have already discussed in the previous point that work from home has saved our traveling time, hence it has also reduced our extravagant expenses like bus/cab fare, outside food, etc. Hence, working from home has been economical for the employees.
  5. Time For Individual And Personal Life: This pandemic has given us time to have our personal life and find ourselves. People have now learned the value of spending time with themselves and understanding their actual needs.

These were some of the boons of working from home. Now, let’s discuss some banes of working from home.

Work From Home – Bane

work from home is a curse
Work From Home – Bane
  1. No Work Ethics To Follow: The work ethics have gone to some other world after this pandemic. Not even a single employee would indeed have worked in formals at their home. Many of us would have worked while doing some other tasks like eating or talking over phones.
  2. Impossible To Grow Professionally: It is very important especially for freshers to get a proper work environment to grow professionally. But, working from home has failed to provide a good environment to the employees, and hence, it is nearly impossible to grow professionally if you are working from home. Freshers should go to the office and interact with their colleagues.
  3. Lack Of Physical Interaction Etiquettes: It means the way we interact with our colleagues and how we express ourselves to others. Interacting in a virtual meeting and interacting in real life are two different things. As a fresher, if you spend your first few years doing work from home and then if you go back to the office then you will lack physical interaction etiquette. Hence, these soft skills can only be learned when you interact with your colleagues in person.
  4. No Interaction With Seniors: If you want to learn about corporate life then you must interact with your seniors and ask about their experience in the corporate world. This interaction is only possible when you meet with them in person as interacting with them during work from home is not possible.
  5. Lack Of Mutual Understanding: There is always a chance of miscommunication when we attend virtual meetings. Hence, this could be considered one of the flaws of working from home.

These were some of the advantages and disadvantages of working from home. Read them carefully and decide whether you want to continue your work from home or return to your office life. I hope now you must have decided whether work from home is a boon or a bane. I know that this new culture has made you live in your comfort zone. But if you think from the long-term perspective then you’ll realize that working from the office will arise new opportunities for you. Hence, you will grow professionally. I hope now you must have decided whether work from home is a boon or a bane.

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